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The universe obeys certain rules, or more so laws to which all things must adhere. These laws are precise, and there are no exceptions. They are natural laws of life. Over the course of my next few blog posts, I am going to share with you all the universal laws in which make up what you may know to be The law of attraction and I’m going to provide some simple techniques that you can apply to your life immediately which will change your course of direction your life currently has, for the better:

THE LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE – You may have heard the saying ‘as above, so below; as below, so above’. What this means is that your current physical reality is a reflection of your most dominant thoughts and feelings. Your outer world is mirroring back to you all that is going on in your mind and body. The simplest way to explain this is if you are feeling emotionally unhappy (this is the inside of you), then your outer reality (your daily life) looks bad. The worse you feel on the inside, the worse then your outer world becomes. Your outer world will always mirror your inner world. As long as you have the same thoughts and beliefs nothing can change. If you want a better, happier, more successful life, these thoughts, attitudes and beliefs have to change first. When people say that you have to do the inner work to succeed in life, this is exactly what they mean.

‘The Inner Work’ – Would you agree that you have control of your thoughts? yes you have indeed. You are in charge. We may have full control of our thoughts but this doesn’t mean to say changing our way of thinking is an easy task. However, this is where the change starts; in the mind, and is absolutely worth doing if you want to be happy and have a successful life. The trick is to focus exclusively on thoughts that make us happy and feel good. Eliminate all thoughts of what you don’t want or that which make you feel bad.

Guide to meditation: My advice to anyone wanting to change their life for the better is to go deep and do the inside work. Begin with meditation. If you are new to meditation, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It’s not just for hippies or Buddha! Go onto YouTube.com and search for a guided body scan meditation. Do this every morning, it doesn’t need to be any longer than 10/15 minutes to begin with, but once you become aware of your body during the meditation (the video will walk you through this process), now is a good time to ask yourself some serious questions. Perhaps you always find trouble in your romantic relationships? Ask yourself why you think this might be. See what comes to mind and take note. It may be something you experienced or witnessed as a child but there will absolutely be some kind of limiting belief which is holding you back from achieving what you want now. This is true for any area in your life whether it’s career, money or personal objectives. Go meditate and ask yourself some deep questions. Write your answers down and take note of what is holding you back. Then follow step three . . .

Affirmations: You may have read about positive self talk in one of my previous blogs. Well here it is again, only this time a little more specific. If for example you find that through doing your meditations you discover that the reason your romantic relationships never work out is because you don’t feel WORTHY of love, your task is to begin telling yourself everyday, numerous times throughout the day that you are worthy and deserving of love. You can say this to your own reflection, out loud or in your head but very specifically speak to yourself in the present tense –I AM worthy and deserving of love and/or a loving relationship’. Use affirmations for all aspects of your life where appropriate. Did you discover during your meditation that you feel or believe you are undeserving of prosperity? In this case your affirmations should be ‘I AM worthy and deserving of wealth and prosperity’, ‘I AM a money magnet’, ‘I HAVE more than enough money to go around’.

The Law of Correspondence is one of the best laws to master. It is one of the most important to know and understand and to enable it to work in your favour, you need to apply all the tasks suggested above consistently and repetitively, ideally for 63 days! I can promise that this will allow for successful change in your life and is a FIRM stepping stone. These steps will ultimately change your negative paradigm which is your subconscious belief systems that you are probably non the wiser of at the moment. But you will come to learn all your life blockages as you continue to meditate in the suggested way. Lets continue with the other laws.

THE LAW OF POLARITY: This law states that everything has an opposite – Hot and cold, Clean and dirty, left and right, good and bad and so on. Opposites relate to EVERYTHING! Which means this law also relates to you, your life experiences and your emotions. If you are in a situation in which you perceive as a negative one, this same situation also has a positive. At the time, depending on your habitual THOUGHT patterns (remember you are in control of your thoughts – look back to previous law), this event may actually be positive. It’s purely based on perception. Of course its always a better idea to look for the positive in all things, quite often we do need to LOOK for it though. For example, when you find something good in a person, tell them! A compliment will make them feel good and equally the positive idea in your mind results in you feeling good too AND THIS WILL RAISE YOU OWN VIBRATION! (See below for an explanation of this).

LAW OF VIBRATION: This law tells us that everything moves and vibrates at one speed or another and everything in which you can and cannot see has it’s own frequency. The chair in which you are sitting on appears to be solid but this chair, like all else in the universe is made up of millions of subatomic particles which happens to be energy. Particles of energy within particles of energy is what all things are made of, it only presents itself in the form of a chair or a car, etc. But all things are continually in motion. Quantum physics demonstrates this. We as humans are energy and our thoughts and feelings are also energy. These thoughts and feelings have a frequency. Sad or negative emotions have a low vibrational frequency and happy, positive emotions have a higher frequency. So which emotional frequency do you think is going to be more beneficial to your life?? Joy, love and gratitude and excitement of course. Laughter truly does sooth the soul! So choose to be happy now. Choose to feel good now. Remember you are in command of your thoughts. Your thoughts create an emotional reaction – a frequency. Choose to vibrate at a higher frequency dominantly and you lay out the path to all your desires. More on this next week!

Monitor your thoughts and feelings over the next 7 days because in my next article I’ll be moving onto a few other laws which will give a better understanding of these we’ve already covered and all will appear with more clarity.

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