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I cannot truly take credit for the gift ideas I am about to share with you as two of them were actually gifted to me but I felt that sharing them with my readers could inspire, amaze and potentially benefit someone else some day. At the same time I get to truly express my gratitude for having received these special, heart warming gifts.

This first idea was given to me by a good friend at Christmas who has now sadly moved a little further away from home to seek out a new adventure. She knows me pretty well and understands that I do love a thoughtful gift. That is the point in gifts right?! It also saved her a bit of cash, as Christmas can be an expensive time of year for everyone so I encourage you to take this idea on board which doesn’t necessarily need to be given at Christmas but could also be a great way to cheer up a loved one who is going through a particularly difficult time or it may be a thoughtful way to say thank you:


20 reasons you are amazing:

  • Tear up some patterned or colourful paper into 20 pieces with enough room to write on each one something you appreciate, love or any positive thoughts you have about the person who is to receive your gift, then fold them up. This could be something like ‘you have a beautiful smile’ or ‘you inspire me’, etc.
  • Next you want to decorate a small jar with glitter, stickers, washi tape or ribbon, however you like.
  • Fill your newly decorated jar with all 20 pieces of folded paper and if you like add a little trinket to the bottom of the jar. My friend added a small shell and I just thought this was a beautiful little finishing touch. I loved the sound it made while in motion before I unwrapped it as it kept me wondering what could be inside! You can add a pretty stone, a crystal, a button, anything you think the recipient would appreciate, reflect their personality or interests.

The bonus of receiving a gift like this is that if ever I am having a bad day, I just pour out the contents of the jar and I am immediately reminded that someone thought so highly of me and I’m reminded that I am loved and cared for and that there are reasons to be happy and grateful.


My wishes for you:

WARNING: Maybe not a good idea for the overly emotional types! This was a gift given to me by my partner for my birthday. It’s probably the most clever and thoughtful gift I have received and I was kinda speechless when I opened it, and uneasy about the possibility that my emotions had just been witnessed bubbling to the surface. This makes me a tad uncomfortable and looking back I’m not sure what he thought I was thinking. I was a babbling idiot, talking utter rubbish because I was trying to keep my feelings a secret! It was such a powerful gift that I wanted to hide and experience it privately, that’s how emotionally strong a gift this was!


In my birthday card he listed some wishes he had for me:

  • May every door be open to you
  • May you always find your path no matter what
  • May Angels guide you through the night
  • May fortune always find you
  • May all your endeavours flourish and grow
  • May you always love and be loved in return

He then handed me a beautiful, small wooden box, with an Indiana jones style opening mechanism! Not just a case of lifting the lid, instead I had to slide an invisible hatch to unlock the lid, but I do enjoy a puzzle! This made it all the more exciting and the suspense was killing me!

Inside the box were trinkets and tokens of all the wishes he had written down for me, in a stunning display. They included:

  • A flower to represent his wish that all my endeavours would flourish and grow
  • A coin (100 Francs) to represent his wish for fortune to always find me
  • A key so that all doors would open for me
  • A statue of an Angel to be my guide through the night
  • A heart shaped stone (beautiful) so that I will always love and be loved
  • A map so that I can always find my way

You seriously can’t get any further out of the box thinking in terms of gift ideas than this! Epic idea and don’t underestimate it. It’s not a materialistic gift, it’s way better than that, it’s a gift filled with thought and love. Personally I don’t know how either of us are going to top it!!


Our journey together scrapbook:

This was a gift from me to my partner for his birthday. He had made such a great effort with mine I wanted to do something for him that perhaps he’d never received before and at the same time put my crafting skills to good use. I had decided to do this at least six weeks prior to his birthday as I knew I would need a good bit of time to get it finished, lots of supplies and lots of memories in order to record them. What I needed:

  • An empty scrapbook. I picked up an artists A4 ringbinder pad with black pages.
  • Patterned paper. I used a lot of this! Hobbycraft sell a variety of 12″x 12″ pads of beautiful patterned paper. As it was being made for my boyfriend I decided to go for a neutral colour palette rather than pinks and purples!
  • Lots of glue and double sided sticky tape, scissors, coloured pens and a guillotine for cutting larger pieces of paper or cardstock.
  • decorative embellishments such as stickers, diamantes and ribbon.
  • Lots of photographs of you both together, of trips you’ve had, dates had, etc.
  • Receipts and memorabilia from dates you’ve had and experiences you’ve shared

Take a moment to watch this video and see for yourself exactly what I created for him:

The aim of this project was to collect evidence of our journey so far as a couple and display it in a pretty and presentable manner like you would a photo album or scrapbook. I truly enjoyed putting this gift together for him. I made sure to include pages where I shared  the reasons why I love him, the moment I fell in love with him and snippets from our most exciting conversations had over Facebook messenger or in text and any magical moments. It took me six weeks to complete just in time and I actually wished I’d maybe given myself an extra few days to include a few other special moments we shared.


This is an example of a scrapbook I made for my friend some years ago.

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