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With a talent in paper crafts, I put my skills to good use here all the while enjoying the process of creation!

Snail mail flipbooks:

If you prefer the art of writing to the art of paper craft but wish to present your letter to your pen-pal in the form of ‘WOW’, then these little snail mail flip books are for you! An aesthetically pleasing letter in the post will always bring joy. These flipbooks can also be used as pockets for thank you notes, well wishes and such like. And they are far too pretty to be thrown into the bin after use! trust me the recipient will keep this in their memory box forever!

All flipbooks are handmade and one of a kind. Made with the preferences of the buyer which can be discussed upon enquiry. Prices will vary on quantity, size and weight of finished product.

An example of what’s possible:


Check out some pre-made flipbooks that are already available for purchase over in my shop


All occasion cards are available on request to buyers specific needs and requirements. All hand made and one of a kind. Prices will vary on quantity, size and weight of finished product.


These are little gems and make excellent gifts. A collection of photos arranged and displayed in a manner of which no digital media application will ever beat. Created using paper embellishments, ribbon and crafty accessories then beautifully presented in a photo album, binder or book. All layouts are handcrafted and designed with the buyers specific requirements and instructions in mind. Fab idea for all occasions, be it a birthday, Christmas or mothers day gift.

Prices will vary on quantity of pages, size of scrapbook, weight of finished product. and length of assignment. Price can be discussed and evaluated upon enquiry.

This short video is an example of what can be done:

An example of scrapbook pages:


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