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This blog post is part of a Blogging Competition organized by CGTrader. I was recently contacted by them asking if I’d like to take part and the criteria had to be based on the future of design. I enthusiastically agreed because the request seemed to arrive at the perfect time. No sooner had I been telling myself to schedule a new post to my blog (it’s been far too long) but secondly I had been feeling like I was missing a part of myself. I felt lost in the journey of my life, somehow along the line I’d lost track of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, I was distracted and losing my marbles. What happened to the image of my future I’d planted so deeply into my mind? It was time for a new design, a new game plan. A  life review and this blog request was my wakeup call, my antidote! So where did I start?

This was my original list of to do’s for 2017 that was gonna lead me to the future I’d designed…

  • Get funding to open spa
  • Find affordable and trustworthy builders for the job
  • Open spa Soul Retreat
  • have a successful business
  • Create everlasting bonds with Ant
  • Replenish my ‘me time’
  • Travel more
  • Start yoga
  • Meditate for 30-40 mins daily
  • Get lean, strong and maintain
  • Start running
  • Save 10% of wages to FF account
  • Find love for myself
  • Gain 20 new clients before the spa opens

What have I accomplished six moths down the line …

  • Holidayed in Iceland and Paris
  • Got engaged
  • Secured spa funding
  • I’ve ran 4 times since getting proper running shoes in March!
  • Since Jan I’ve saved £138
  • Gained 3 new clients

In my personal opinion, this is not good enough. Yeah I’ve had many a good time but the other important stuff has been swept under the rug and lost it’s original importance to me sadly. Writing all this down I felt massive disappointment in myself because I’m usually a go and do it kinda girl. When I have a goal, I set my mind to achieving it but I’d wrongly prioritised my to do list. This review made me aware that I hadn’t been utilizing my time or mind to the best of my ability. My current business allows me to have a large amount of flexibility and freedom, it’s what I love about my job but what other than focusing on the spa have I been doing with my time?? I’ve been putting all my eggs in one basket and forgetting about the other aspects of my life that keep me healthy and happy. NEGATORY DECISION! Do you know that there are 168 hours in a week? If we work 50 hours a week and sleep 8 hours per night we are left with a remaining 60 hours available free time in our week. Some of us don’t work anywhere near 50 hours a week – certainly not me (although that’s about to change soon). If we were to watch less TV, stop procrastinating and take our faces out of our phones, think about all that time you’ll have to actually create a life you want. Instead of scrolling Facebook for 30 minutes, I could have been for that run I’ve been promising I’d start! This is helpful information because knowing how much time we do actually have means we can plan accordingly and (bonus) become professionals at time management! Such a valuable skill to have.

I have come up with a new plan of attack and here’s my suggestions on designing your own:

  • The first question to ask yourself is ‘What is my goal’? put yourself one year ahead of now and look back at the year you’ve just had keeping in mind what kind of year you’d ideally like to have. Take notes on how you are feeling, your location and what you have achieved in the last 12 months in all areas in your life. These areas could be:
    1. lovelife
    2. family/friends
    3. career
    4. money
    5. health
    6. physical appearance
    7. personal development
    8. Hobbies/interests
    9. Or whatever is more important to you

To have the ultimate design and handle on your life you need to get clear on the details and hold this image in your mind until you are so used to seeing it that when someone asks you where you see yourself in a years time, you get to see the whole picture in your minds eye effortlessly. You feel it, you taste it, you hear it. You get the picture?

  • Now come back to reality and look at where you are. Rate each of these areas of your life from 1 – 10 (1 being rock bottom and 10 being right where you wanna be). look at this as an example:

This is an example of what currently is but when you took your imagination into the future what did you see? Looking at your own chart, can you see the areas you need to improve on now in order to achieve the year you imagined?

  • Next, look at your current schedule. Weekly shift patterns and other responsibilities and how many hours you usually sleep at night. If you feel like you have very little time at all for anything else, this may sound harsh but sleep less. 6-8 hours a night is enough for everyone. If you sleep 8, cut to 6 and with the other 2 hours you can fit your gym time in there instead. Whatever it is you want to change that’s important to you, requires action. Utilise your spare time accordingly.

With children and partners or other reliant family members, managing your time becomes more difficult, but not impossible. It’s just a case of getting to know their schedules too and planning together as a team. So for example, I have decided that in my new plan for the future I’d like to have stronger bonds with my partner, feel more joy and improve my overall fitness and the appearance of my physical body. knowing my fiancés shifts means I can plan date nights ahead of time and arranging to be home by a particular time in order to spend quality time with him. It’s all about finding balance! For example, today I am at mums writing this blog because my internet is out of order at home and mums is readily available! I’m aware That my partner will be home at 3pm therefore I have delegated my available time accordingly for the day and set a few tasks for him to take care of as he’ll be home before me. This allows me to finish up what I’m doing by 6pm so that we can have dinner together and watch a movie. Spending quality time will aid towards creating a stronger connection in our relationship. Tomorrow will follow a similar pattern, only this time my partner and I will have a little circuit workout around the house together, I’ll continue my blog (taking time for me) then rendezvous for dinner tonight again. As I’ve set new goals towards creating the life I want, I can honestly say that on this occasion I have stuck to a plan where I’ll have improved in my fitness, happiness and relationship goals: GAINING! All aiding in the future I want. Being consistent and repetitive with your time structure will usher change from bad to better in the areas where you have put focus and prioritised.

  • The final step is to list all the things you can do today, within the next 7 days and within the next 3 months that will count towards achieving your desired outcome. Now work at scheduling that list into your daily time. Make these things a priority and get to checking them off the list! Use all the time you have spare in your day to hussle through your lists! Do all you can do and don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today because the universe likes persistence, commitment and speed. Over time your commitment will be rewarded. Its the law!

This is the exact formula I am using now. I put it off before and my time, sanity and happiness suffered. We’re not getting any younger and time will pass anyway, so best we use the time we have for the greater good in our lives. It might also be a good idea to track how much time you are actually wasting by watching TV, daydreaming or procrastinating. Prepare yourself for the shock coz this might hurt a little! When I monitored the time I was wasting this is what I discovered:

  1. On average, 8 hours out of my week were spent watching TV – and I didn’t think I was much of a TV person! Clearly I’d been fooling myself!
  2. 13 hours of my week were spent on social media – this includes replying to messages on whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Instagram and of course, sharing posts on all platforms and scrolling through newsfeeds – OMG!!!! Not cool or healthy.
  3. 7 hours of my week was spent procrastinating or daydreaming. It’s amazing how long I can sit and do nothing for and that doesn’t include meditation time!

It’s easily done but when you add up all those hours, in my case, I was wasting 28 hours of my life per week. The positive thing now is that I’m more aware and so now I have more control of my design and get more done towards the development of my future. Happy days!


Ok, to summarise what you need to do, here it is in short:

  1. Understand what it is you want
  2. Plan how by scheduling your time to include a prioritised list of daily steps. This is the path to what you want.
  3. Execute! Do the list. Take action everyday until you have what you want.
  4. Repeat. Once you have achieved your goal, there will always be a new goal. This is the cycle of life. We just keep growing and we keep designing!

To conclude, I believe that the future of design starts with humanity. We are the design! The future of design is the development of our minds and our lives. Nothing can be without a thought and thought needs action. So when the people of our planet learn to understand the laws that govern the universe, we will realise that we are the design, we are the engine of change! We are truly in control of the process of creation.

And so I ask you again, as a reminder, What life do you want to have? Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? The choice is yours. Understand what, plan how and execute! Amen!

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