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Valentines day is celebrated worldwide, each place having their own story for the occasion. In China they celebrate valentines day on the 7th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar. It commemorates a day on which a legendary cow herder and weaving maid are allowed to be together. In Japan they celebrate over two days. On the 14th of February The woman romanticise the men, gifting their partners with chocolates. Then on the 14th of March which was named ‘White Day’, the men returned the romantic gesture to their women. In the UK it may feel a little sheepish to some and others may not understand the point. Some may argue that they can be romantic any day of the year and don’t need prompted to celebrate on the 14th along with everyone else and spend a fortune or fight over getting a table booked at the best restaurant. It doesn’t need to be like this, you can decide to enjoy it in your own way but don’t be a passion killer by expressing your dislike for the holiday and just embrace the excuse to get romantic at the same time as the rest of the world. No harm will come of it! There can never be enough love or passion in the world so please share and express with your loved one or your best friend this time round.

Gift ideas for him:

  • Sex box – A suitable gift for all men I suggest filling a shoe box/gift box with tricks and treats for the two of you to enjoy in the bedroom. The box could include sexy lingerie for you to wear or something a little sillier would be edible panties! Flavoured lube, body chocolate, sex toys of your liking. A book of erotic stories, a naughty DVD you can both watch together and maybe slip in some naughty selfies for his eyes only!! Maybe add something a little out of the ‘box’ that perhaps you haven’t tried which involves PVC and whips!
  • Wallet picture – Buy him a new wallet and slot in a pretty picture of yourself along with tickets to a sporting event you can both enjoy together. You have the romance with the photograph but you also have practicality with having something to do that is a little more masculine.
  • Dance for him – put on your skimpiest outfit or tiniest pants and dance for him. Light the candles, pop the champagne, prepare the music and suck up your confidence. This will probably be the sexiest moment of his life. Give him a reason to want to celebrate valentines day EVERY year!
  • Breakfast in bed – They say the best way to get to a mans heart is through his stomach so prepare a champagne breakfast for him and take it to bed. Serve it up wearing either you’re cutest jammies or in nothing but your apron!
  • Reminisce – Fill a small box with scrap bits of paper all rolled up separately with little memories about the best times of your relationship written on them. It’s nice to be reminded of the good times you’ve shared and for them to be appreciated in this way.
  • Bake him a cake – Again, the food thing goes down really well. A selection of cupcakes along with a hot bubble bath for you both to soak in together. A naked lady and cake in the bath in a mans eyes is a combination of all the best things a relationship has to offer!
  • Gentlemans club – In Edinburgh (and I’m sure in other parts of the UK) there are gentleman only clubs such as the Scotch malt whisky society where you can have your man sign up and enjoy a years membership where he gets to have guy time at any point he likes throughout the year. Give him a little freedom and show him that you trust him. Check this out:


Gift ideas for her:

  • Picture frame and poem – Get romantic here! Women love romance. Print out her favourite picture of you both together, write a short poem or some loving words on the back and then pop it in a frame. Bam! Majorly appreciated gift with little to zero expense, and your bros don’t need to find out about all the romantic stuff.
  • Cook her a candle lit dinner – Get your apron on and show off your cooking skills. Maybe you’ve cooked for her several hundred times already? In that case, change it up a bit, go for a 3 course meal, Have an ice bucket with champagne ready for her arriving home and light the candles. Scatter rose petals leading from the front door to the dining room. Get creative with it. Think proposal but without the proposal – romance!
  • Do something she’s never experienced – Most girls have an idea of what they find to be the most romantic gesture ever to experience. For me (believe it or not) it was receiving breakfast in bed along with a small vase of tulips. Sometimes the littlest thing has the most powerful effect. Be thoughtful. Maybe arrange salsa dance classes for you both to do together and do it especially for her.
  • Never forget a card – Believe it or not but a card on valentines day is worth way more than any other gift. It expresses thought for the occasion and an understanding of how important it is for a woman to know she’s thought about on the most romantic day of the year. Apply some kind words and a few kisses and you’re sorted.
  • Love her – Maybe you like her smile or the perfume she wears. Maybe you love how hard she works or the meals she cooks for you. Tell her in writing. Write all these little things down on scrap pieces of paper, fold them all up and put them in a jar or a box. You could also include memories of all your fondest times together. The fuller it is, the more brownie points you get! Or simply write her a love letter and put it in a bottle. Make it look cute. She’ll keep it in her memory box forever.
  • Jewellery – Every girl loves a bit of sparkle. Something thoughtful and unique. It doesn’t have to be expensive, simple is just as good. Its the thought that counts. Check this site out: for handmade, quirky sterling silver pieces at reasonable prices. Her style is unique and often stocks one of a kind pieces. Jewellery for men is also available.
  • A night away – Sweep your girl away for a night in a swanky hotel. Don’t stop there either, run her a hot bubbling bath and scatter rose petals over the bed, light the candles and pay her some close attention!

A common gift to women is 12 red roses, chocolates and a greetings card. While all this is still lovely and most likely a good idea if you’re a fairly new couple, getting creative and thinking outside the box can still be doable and fun. Aim to show your partner how well you know them. Ladies, spoil your men as much as you’d expect to be spoiled yourself, that way he’ll look forward to valentines day time again. Allow these ideas to inspire you and to romanticise with your partner in crime. Have a fantastic Valentines day folks!

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