If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

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Having the most productive year of your life is far more simple than we tell ourselves. It’s basically common sense. We are blessed with choice. Each day we awake, we decide which outfit to wear, which route to take to work and what to have for breakfast. We are in control and responsible for our choices. You decide, no one else. But what we humans often lack is discipline. One morning we will choose to have a nutritious smoothie for breakfast and then the very next morning we revert back to the bacon roll. Then we’ll make up excuses and convince ourselves that our reasons are honest, such as; I had no time to prepare breakfast this morning or I didn’t do the grocery shop at the weekend. By making these excuses you’re not delaying the life or success of another person, you’re only delaying your own. The truth is, your health wasn’t a priority that morning you had the bacon roll or that bottle of wine before bed. Why didn’t you have the fruit smoothie? Why didn’t you do the grocery shop at the weekend? What was your priority that day? If you want to see serious change in your image or health and to see your goals through to success, you need to re-evaluate your priorities and realise that YOU ARE the priority. You are the priority now and forever. You count. You are important and you deserve the best and you are worthy of health, happiness and self love.

Before starting out any new path it’s important to ask yourself some questions to get clear and direct on what it is you want to achieve; Does it feel good to be where you are right now? What makes you feel good? What’s good for you and your body? How do you want to feel and what will make you feel this way? Understand why you want something first.

If your objective this year is to lose weight, be healthier, gain more muscle, to nourish your skin or is generally heading along the lines of physical health, then stick to these four simple, common sense steps and stop looking for a short cut or miracle remedy. Your body has all the tools and functions it needs  but you need to feed your body with the right fuel, all of which your natural environment, the earth, provides:

  1. Eat healthy: Our food is at its best and most nutritional when it is in it’s most natural form; raw. Raw food is healthy food. Food which comes from the earth is the best kind for you giving you all your nutrients naturally rather than chemically (tablet form). This doesn’t mean you should starve yourself or live on salad but perhaps cut back on dairy and carby products and go easy on sauces, oils and dressings. When I think of ‘eat healthy’ the words that spring to mind are fruit, veggies, organic, nuts, greens, home cooking, raw carrots, raw spinach, avocado, smoothies, protein, fibre, nutrients… This doesn’t really need explaining. We all know what healthy eating is so stop making excuses for the pizza you had last night and just choose the right foods and choose to start now.
  2. Exercise: Maybe you call taking the stairs exercise? While this is definitely the better option, it’s not enough. Start with this if you don’t do anything at all right now but aim for something a little more intense each week. Aim to increase your level of stamina or aim to lift a little heavier. It’s the only way to see improvement, you have to challenge yourself. Just when you think you can’t do any more press ups, do another one anyway. Push yourself. Remembering why you are doing this workout is what’s gonna keep moving you forward and closer to your goals. If you’re shy or lack motivation, find a gym buddy or hire a personal trainer and move your butt. Start a yoga class, take dance lessons, make exercise fun for you. Something is better than nothing but always aim for more. The typical recommendation is 3 hours of physical exercise a week so aim to do at least that. Simple! Just do it. Decide, the choice is your!
  3. Drink water: Not squash, not coffee and definitely not booze. When you decide to get healthy or in shape, it doesn’t mean you cant have a social life. Explain to your friends how serious you are about your intentions and choose to take the car on a night out if it will help you avoid the temptation of alcohol. Drink water instead. 8 glasses of water a day should be easily achieved when you’re not filling up with all the other usual liquids and are actively choosing your health as a priority. There’s nothing wrong with adding a slice of lemon to your water, in fact I highly recommend it first thing in the morning. Put that in your coffee flask on the way to work!
  4. Do all of the above together: And be consistent and be firm with yourself. It’s no good just doing the exercise but then eating rubbish. I’m sure we’ve all been there and learned somewhere deep in our subconscious minds, even though we won’t like to admit it, that this doesn’t work. We need to combine the healthy eating, exercise and water together to succeed. You know this, you just need to accept it and follow through with it. How bad do you want change? And when you feel like giving up or having one ‘cheat day’ too many, remember why you started! Always choose health. You will look better and FEEL better in the long run.

Sorry if the truth disappoints you and you were hoping for some kind of miracle treatment but the reality is that the miracles are in the steps stated above. It may be difficult at first but working through the tough times is what makes us strong and successful. No successful person on this planet sat with their feet up, watching TV, drinking cans of beer and doing nothing to get to where they are now. Successful people are focused and productive. They get out of their comfort zone and make a decision to take action. If that doesn’t motivate you maybe this will; Are you truly happy with yourself as you are now? If your answer is no, then you need to take part in all four of these steps. When you take care of you and your body you are showing yourself love and in return you will love yourself more for your efforts and results. Do you want to have good health? Do you want to live a long life and watch your children have their children? Do you want to feel good and happy? ask yourself why you want X, Y & Z and inspire yourself. Find a reason to get fit and healthy. Really sit down and ask yourself these questions. Write them down. Put your answers on a sticky note or several sticky notes and scatter them around the house! Your body is a temple, a home. If you don’t take care of it where are you going to live? Only you can take care of you.


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