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I am a true believer that as humans, our lives are a reflection of our most dominant thoughts and feelings. When we worry about not having enough money, we are only attracting more reasons why not to have enough money. If we are mostly cheerful then the Universe, God or source energy – whatever you want to call it – can only return reasons for you to remain cheerful and happy. It is my belief that we are all responsible for our own lives. It’s simple; we only have to choose to be in a good mood. You are in control. Just like we choose what music to listen to. Life gives you choice, that is our gift. If you haven’t heard about it already, this is called the Law of attraction and it’s available to every single individual on this earth. All you have to do is choose happiness and you will notice with repetitive positive feelings (this is majorly important) that doors will open to you.

As part of my morning ritual, I start my day with a short meditation to clear my head and to keep me in a calm, positive state of mind, followed by what I like to call my daily intention bubble. This is where I tell the Universe exactly what I’d like to experience in my day. Firstly I’d just like to admit that I can usually be quite sceptical about all spiritual things in the beginning, however, I am open minded enough to try things before I criticize or push aside. If something works for me then I’ll continue to explore it, in which later I am often surprised at how these experiments rapidly develop and add more meaningful moments to my life. On the other hand, if I try something and I don’t seem to get any new knowledge or experience from it, I’ll pass it by. Nine times out of ten, this stuff truly works for me, and the more it works, the more my faith grows and the faster the ball rolls and the more I realise that I am the creator of my life. I choose what kind of person I want to be, what life I want to have and what I’d like to experience. This technique is the one that I get most out of, I know it works for me so I do it daily. The power of your intention only gets stronger with repetition and consistency so get it into your daily routine if you want to see results quickly! The point of this exercise is to intend specifically what you’d like to experience in your day. Follow this method and you cant go wrong:

  • Firstly begin by getting comfortable either sitting crossed-legged on the floor or in an upright chair with feet on the floor and palms resting face-up on your lap. I usually add this onto the end of my meditation but you can try this without a previous meditation as its a little like one anyway.
  • Take around five deep breaths in through your nose and then exhale out through your mouth. On your fifth exhale, gently close your eyes and breath normally.
  • Imagine a bright white light coming out through the top of your head and reaching out beyond the earth, beyond the moon and beyond the universe. Feel a sense of peace. you are now connected to source energy. The place from where all your intentions manifest.
  • Now bring your attention to your hands and create the feeling of holding a ball of light between your palms. Focus on it for a few seconds and allow the energy to build in your minds eye. Feel the tinging energy in your hands and fingertips. This is your intention bubble!
  • From here, begin to fill it with whatever you’d like to see, do, hear or experience this day. Play with it a little. Some examples could be that you want to attract 3 compliments today or you want to see a green feather – be random and test it however you like. I do.
  • Fill it with as many intentions as you like and feel the energy expanding. when you feel you are satisfied with your intentions, press the intention bubble into your chest or through the crown of your head or out into the space around you – whichever feels right to you.
  • Gently open your eyes and get on with your day.

Important: The trick with this exercise is to release your intentions but not to dwell on them or go looking for them to happen. You need to trust that the Universe has heard you and will deliver. Have faith! Another very important aspect to this task and probably the most difficult in the beginning. This is why I say play with it a little. Test it. Intend micro pleasures to begin with and raise your faith.

With my very first intention bubble, I added that I’d like to lose 2lb’s in one day. At the time I hadn’t even thought about taking a note of my weight that morning, I just continued with my original plans. The same day I had a consultation at the hospital about a wisdom tooth extraction. I had only paid for an hours worth of on-street parking and my appointment ran over by 30 minutes. Rather than panicking about it, I decided to relax and not worry instead, however, on my departure the nurse stopped me to check my height and weight. Jacket, shoes and bag all still on and the scales showed an incredible 56kg! I blamed it on the weight of my bag and my muscles of course!! I casually walked to my car, knowing I was late back anyway and to my absolute surprise, I had escaped a parking fine of £30! How could this be? I am 30 minutes late and parked in Edinburgh city centre??!! There are wardens everywhere! At this moment I realised another of my daily intentions coming to life. I had asked to receive a extra £30 that day from an unexpected source, but in this case, I had actually been saved from a £30 fine! Not exactly what I had in mind but all the same I was wowed! That evening I returned home, had my evening meal and stripped off for my shower. Spotted the bathroom scales and thought ‘I surely cant be 56kg?!’ and so hopped on to weigh myself. I am not kidding, I was exactly 54kg. I had lost more than 2lb’s, I lost 2kg! This is after my 3 meals a day and probably some cake (as its my weakness)! Of course I realise that I hadn’t actually dropped 2kg in body weight (what the hell was I carrying in my bag?!), but this was the way that the Universe had revealed itself to me. It showed me exactly what I intended according to my faith. I suppose deep down I didn’t believe it was possible to lose 2lb’s of body fat in a day. To top it all off, I received an email notification right before bed, that someone had purchased a gift voucher from my beauty website for £40. I wouldn’t say its something I sell regularly either as I normally sell them in person so it was a nice little surprise and in the end I guess I gained so much more than the original £30 I had intended.  So this is the power of intention. My advice is to start with small micro intentions to test it out and see how it works for you. But I promise, the Universe always delivers according to your faith! The more faith you have that the universe serves you, the more you’ll get out of what you put in. The 3 most powerful tools for this task are:

  • Choose happiness. Remain in a good mood.
  • Repeat and be consistent with choosing happiness and keeping to a routine.
  • Have faith. Believe that what you want will be delivered. Build faith by starting with small, micro intentions and by being grateful for the things you have already. When you nail your faith – Make your intentions HUGE and dream big!

Wishing you successful intentions for the greater good of all! Let me know how you get on with your daily intentions! Happy Monday! x

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