Love conquers all

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Love conquers all

I am LOVING my life right now. Opportunities knock on my door every day in regards to so many things. Just yesterday I was asked to become management for part of a self development group based around quantum physics, spirituality and the law of attraction, all of which are very interesting subjects for me and I have studied these areas for some time now. I enjoy helping people and watching others succeed so this was right up my street! Last week I was accepted onto a public speaking course FOR FREE only to then be asked two days later to do a talk for a group of college students. As much as I find this very nerve wracking, I know this is one of those fears I need to face in order to break through to bigger, better opportunities. Another example is the amount of male attention I’ve been attracting recently. I’m not making more effort with my hair or makeup or anything else, but within the last two weeks I’ve been asked out by FIVE GUYS! The reason for this build up of positive karma is because I ooze happiness and self love. I don’t mean that I am vain, all I mean is that I am accepting who I am and taking care of my body and mind. I am feeding my body with the right fuel and instead of telling myself that I am stupid or unhealthy I am telling myself that I am a wonderful human being, blessed to be alive and that I am one of a kind. I have spoke about positive self talk in a previous blog and about how to be kind to your body, all of which are examples of self love. Appreciating all that you are and embracing yourself. Be sweet to yourself every day by treating yourself to a lovely bouquet of flowers or running yourself a bubble bath. None of these things have to cost you anything but time. Time is something you can never get back so make the effort to love yourself and you will create happiness all by yourself, without relying on your partner, friend, sister, your mother or anyone else. When you take care of you, all these other aspects of your life will come together. Your calendar will suddenly start filling with dates and you will bump into people who can offer you new experiences or an opportunity to make more money, you might come across the trip of a life time.

Doors will begin to open when you start loving yourself from the inside. Momentum will pick up after a couple of weeks and happiness will truly kick-in. When you are happy and joyful the universe owes you positive karma. When in this happy emotional state consistently for even a couple of weeks, only positive situations, people and experiences can be a result. From here all you have to do is continue loving yourself and being grateful for your life.

I have found a rather easy and pleasing idea that will help you to remain in an uplifted state of being. Find or buy an empty jar and label it: ‘good things that happen to me’. Whenever you have a positive experience or are given an opportunity or are able to do something that makes you feel great: an achievement or a new romance, write it down on a scrap piece of paper, date it then fold it up and put it into the jar. Do this throughout the whole year then at Hogmanay when 2016 becomes 2017, empty the jar and read for the first time all of the good things that happened to you in a full year. It brings you an amazing sense of accomplishment, it makes you realise just how much you have achieved and experienced and you might be reminded of a happy moment you may have forgot about. I have done this exercise for 3 years in a row now and I always look forward to remembering all my best moments of the previous year. It’s extremely inspiring and makes me feel utterly grateful for my life.


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