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2017 has been a real game changer and we’re only 3 months in to the year. I have a sneaky feeling it’s gonna be a super fast one. I remember being a child and asking my mum when dinner will be ready and her replying it would only be an hour. AN HOUR??! As a child that was such a long time! Now, being all grown up it feels as if there’s no time at all, we’re always on the hunt for a little more time. Before we know it, days have passed by and merged into one ‘child day’. This has been my life since January and for very good reason. My sister and I have been collaborating our businesses and skills in order to open a one stop shop for all our clients old and new. We currently trade in beauty, hair, nails and makeup but as you are probably aware (by following my blogs) that I am all about promoting a healthier lifestyle – mind , body and soul and we want to add this aspect to our business too for the greater good of all who visit. Changing bad habits into more productive ones, thinking more positively, eating organically, protecting our earth and assisting those who are in need of some guidance. By collaborating, our plans are to open a unique urban spa in the city of Edinburgh where we will combine all these aspects of feeling good and living a healthier, happier life. The following video will clarify our plans and what you can do to help us bring this haven into existence…

Exciting times ahead! If you’d like to make a donation please follow this link: Click on the ‘Support us’ button and you will be shown payment options along with the incentive you will receive for your donation.

Currently as business partners we are at the stage where we are applying for funding to secure the premises we want, hire contractors to do the build work, and to market the company. In 3 weeks we should know whether or not our funding application will be approved. This has been a loooong process on it’s own so we are now feeling very eager to move forward onto the next section of getting the spa up and running. Once funding has been approved we can then get our surveyor and solicitor on board to sort out our lease agreement and finalise the legalities. From here the building work will commence and we will begin the search for our staff. Should be smooth sailing right??!

We know we are making the right move because we feel excited about it. None of the work we’ve had to do this far has been stressful but we never expected the funding process would take so long. Now I understand why my business owner clients were having a little chuckle at my naivety when I told them in January that I wanted to be open by April. Haha! When we originally got in touch with the agent of the premises we told him we’d know about our funding application in 3/4 weeks – this was back in January! Only now have we finalised our application. Thankfully the agent and his client have been very patient and kept us up to date with  how much attention OUR premises has had! 😛

So let me tell you more about what we hope to offer our guests at the spa. We want to be available 7 days of the week and open in the evenings to accommodate all lifestyles and shifts. All spa visitors will be warmly welcomed and provided with a robe and slippers. Post treatment you will receive a complimentary foot soak and scrub along with a drink of your choice ranging from an organic fruit smoothie, glass of prosecco or herbal tea. In terms of our treatment rooms, these will facilitate services such as massage – from aromatherapy to hot stones. As you can expect we will also have body scrubs, wraps and facials which will all be carried out using organic and vegan products. As professionals in our trade we understand that anything our skin comes into contact with it will absorb and we would hate to be promoting chemical based products that can only cause you harm in the long run. We care very much for the health of people, our planet and the protection of animals. The whole purpose of this business is to promote more awareness of health and wellbeing. Holistic treatments are great for general relaxation but will also offer alternative methods of healing and health consciousness. We aim to include shiatsu massage, which is done with the client fully clothed but I can tell you from experience that this has been one of the most relaxing and rewarding treatments I have ever had. It beats any massage I’ve tried but in fairness its entirely unique. For more information on this therapy please click here where you will meet one of the shiatsu practitioner who will hopefully be working along side us at the spa. Other holistic treatments we aim to provide are crystal therapy healing, reflexology and reiki. We will have one of the best wax systems worldwide – Lycon wax. They claim to be able to remove hair as short as 2mm long painlessly. The  more comfort we can provide for you the better! There will be a pedicure station and manicure station which will surround the relaxation zone where all guests can rest after their treatments with no rush to leave in a hurry. Our blow-dry and makeup bar will not only accommodate those who are having their hair done but those who are in need of a quick brow wax or manicure during their lunch break. Express treatments will be available for those last minute fixes!

Our wellbeing studio will run mat based fitness classes and workshops throughout the week, Monday – Sunday. Ab workouts, pilates, calanetics, yoga, meditation qigong and tai chi classes will be accessible and our workshops will be held between class times. The workshops will vary from mindset techniques to choosing what colours best suit you, make up and hair tutorials for young girls, life coaching and lessons in meditation. While our studio is not being used we hope to hire out our space for hen party spa days, kids pamper parties and to other groups who are looking for a space to gather or practise their own self development.

It’s an amazing time in my life right now, so many positive changes are taking place and I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for all the people who have inspired me and supported me on my journey: My loyal clients, my sisters, my partner, my coaches and you! I am so grateful to be blessed with having amazing people in my life and all the wonderful laws of the universe making my goals happen so effortlessly. Long may these blessings remain!

If you are reading this and you have skills you believe we may require please get in touch for us to arrange an interview when the time is right. Or if you are interested in hiring our studio, drop me an email to discuss.

Thank you for your consideration, support and generosity throughout this exciting new business process. If there’s anything we can do to help you or if you have any suggestions on what we can add to our spa to make a difference in someone’s life, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. I’d love to hear from you.

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