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I must apologise to all my readers for keeping you waiting on this article! After having a wisdom tooth extraction and then having excruciatingly painful problems post op, I have almost slept the last 3 weeks away, and at the same time, I kind of over-dosed on paracetamol! That was another hospital trip and another story! Many thanks to all my friends and family who sent me healing energy and well wishes, I definitely believe they all helped with my recovery. During my suffering I was privileged to have had the support and attention from people  who genuinely care for me and aided in my journey back to health. Their help has put me in the mushy kind of mood and has inspired this article. In this post I want to share with you some beautiful and romantic stories experienced by myself, friends and family that made us feel especially thought about or important. I love a good romance story and I love hearing about the happy times in peoples lives because it makes me feel good too so I truly hope these experiences perk you up today and aid towards you having a better day.

Ciaras story:

During my four year relationship with my high school sweetheart Kai, I also became close friends with his best friend Kyle. He would call me every day without fail and we’d have long in-depth conversations for hours on end until one day he told me he loved me. Because I was in a relationship with his best friend it was rather inappropriate and so Kai had warned him to leave me alone. Life moved on, and after school we all went our separate ways. Kai and I parted and went to separate colleges, some of us keeping in touch and others not. All these years later I now have my own family: a loving husband and 3 gorgeous children, they are my world! An old school friend gets in touch and invites me to a high school reunion and so we went along and rekindled old friendships we had lost and talked about the lives we had come to lead. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Kyle happened to be there. The last I’d heard of him he was living outside of the UK. We had never spoke since we were teenagers so I was eager to talk to him and yet a little nervous too, however, we did come to talking and we spoke about our families and our careers and how well we’d both done. He was no longer a boy but now a very handsome man indeed! I immediately felt our reconnection and promised myself that this time we would never lose touch. Since the reunion, we have had several lunches together and even as a married woman I can feel the sparks are flying between us along with a sense of knowing this is dangerous territory but I trust myself in knowing I have too much to lose for a one time fling, therefore, we remain firm friends with lots of flirtatious chemistry. Although, I cant help but wonder to myself, and I’m sure he does too, what might have happened if I had left Kai and got with Kyle???

Charlie’s story:

The attention to detail and the effort a partner makes at the beginning of a relationship, in my opinion, shows how the relationship will look years down the line. If a man displays that he has a keen interest in getting to know you and your life then he is on the right track. I am in a very shiny and new relationship of my own and I can honestly say that I have never been treated with such respect or shown such personal care by any man up until now, especially so early in the relationship but the guy clearly has clarity on what he wants! My partner came into my life as his full best self, prepared to blow my socks off, all guns fully loaded with back up ammunition at the ready and blew my head clean off my shoulders. He demonstrated exactly what a woman should expect when a man is in  pursuit of  you. Our Valentines day together was impeccable. There were no negative  comments from him on the approach of the day in terms of how much of a con the day was or of it’s lack of importance. He simply told me he was going to cook me dinner as promised. I looked forward to it because he was fully in control of the planning, I had no questions about his effort, he seemed to be on the ball. Valentines day I awoke a little later than planned and kicked around the house in my pyjamas along with my bed head hairdo! I had no plans for the morning and all I had to do that day was bake biscuits and show up for dinner that evening. Around an hour after I woke, there was a firm chap on the door, my first thoughts were that someone was delivering flowers as its valentines day. Nope, I got one better than that, I cautiously drift down the stairs (in the worst pyjamas I could possibly have been wearing and don’t forget my bedhead hairdo!) to be met by my date with a bouquet of roses in hand. I was surprised and amazed at his most impressive show of chivalry. This is what effort looks like! When I arrived for dinner he had the candles lit at the table and welcomed me with a mojito. I brought champagne and dessert as he was cooking starters and main – (I had to do something too)!! The evening was perfectly flowing and we were having a great time but  the most romantic part of the night was his gift to me. He had actually written me a 17 page story which in the end was an exaggerated tale about all the little things I had told him about myself and my life experience. Over the little amount of time we had spent together up to this point he had condensed our conversations into a fantastic short book of fantasy. This gift was something that took him time and a whole lot of thought but it also proved his listening skills and also expressed his talent in writing. I was wowed by his creativity and attention to detail. What makes this gift so important and romantic to me is the fact that it showed me he was an incredible listener, he was interested in knowing about me and on top of that what he may not realise just yet is that he has created what could potentially be our special little tradition; The story he told was left wide open with many avenues of continuation that could develop further throughout the course of our relationship.  I may end up with a part 2 for my birthday or an Xmas present! How amazing is that?! I’ll have this story forever, it’s timeless.


Chelsea’s story:

My husband Callum was going out for drinks one night with his friend Val and ‘just because’ he bought me a bag of goodies to keep me entertained for the evening. The goody bag included chocolates (of course), a bottle of wine, a magazine and a PlayStation game, however, the most spectacular part was the card he left me too which was filled with romantic and loving words. Kinda made my heart skip a beat. This has now become a fairly regular form of pampering for me. He did the same thing before his trip to Thailand for work a couple of years ago and more recently, just the other day because I was feeling lowly on my period!

Georgia’s story:

The most romantic gesture I have ever experienced to date is probably tiny in comparison to lots of other stories you might hear but it truly had the effect of accidently making me fall in love with my dance partner! Around 2 years ago I met a guy who was also interested in learning ballroom dance styles. At a glance, he was not my usual type in the slightest and I felt there was zero chance I’d ever fall for him. He was an incredible dancer and I guess this did increase the risk of potential love. I had always admired a good dancer and the style of dance was of course rather intimate. However, the thing that brought my attention to him was this: I began to find my favourite sweeties hidden in different places in my car! One in the glove compartment, one in the door handle, one in the boot of my car or in my business card box! Even my friends were finding them in the back seat! Whenever I found one, he sprung to mind. This went on for a few weeks, finding sweeties but that was it. Something as small and as thoughtful as remembering my favourite chocolates and using them to remind me of him was enough to awaken my dormant heart. I was his, completely!

Awww! These are lovely! I hope you have enjoyed these tales as much as I have and I hope to feature and share more love in future articles so please write in with your love stories!

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