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Anyone who knows me will agree with me when I say I have a pretty poor memory. Don’t expect me to remember anything unless its work related or written down! I need to keep lists everywhere. I have a notebook in my bag, by my bed and a notebook and calendar app on my phone – this is what it takes to keep me on track with all my ‘to dos’! Its madness! Or, at least it had been up until around June time when during my search to find the perfect diary I stumbled upon the happy planner. This was the most perfect planner ever invented and I had to have it! It’s slightly bigger than A4 when opened out with a large week to view over two pages with space for notes, monthly birthdays or events and several different attachments for things like keeping track of your finances. One problem though, It could only be shipped from USA, there were no stockists in the UK at this time. I can be rather impatient and tend to want things done yesterday and I just loved this product so much that I went ahead and paid £80 for this planner and all the little extras to be shipped to me ASAP. Two weeks later it arrived after having to pay a further £20 on custom fees but I was delighted! This was going to solve all my organisation troubles.  And it has since done more than that. It has awakened a favourite past time I had as a child. I collected paper and stickers and such like and made scrapbooks, journals and cards. Now, I decorate my planner with sparkly, girly embellishments and sometimes fun photographs from the previous weeks activities. This hobby of mine really brings me joy and beats watching TV on a rainy day.

Planning has become so much more than just getting organised, it has become a creative and fun activity for me and I truly look forward to a Sunday afternoon where I get to plan the week ahead in a more creative fashion. Anything scheduled has become easier for me to remember because I am constantly attracted to my eye-catching creation! As you can see from the picture above, I use a mish-mash of coloured paper scraps, inspirational quotes, a whole lot of washi tape and stickers to decorate and enhance the pages of my planner. AND I recently discovered a few stockists in the UK where I regularly top up on happy planner supplies at a far more reasonable price! Find yours here: amazon and my trusty favourite hey little magpie. This is where I buy most of my craft/planner supplies. Absolutely love their shop and its the best one I have come across in the UK yet. every purchase from hey little magpie adds points to your account which have monetary value, giving you discount on your next order! Stock up on your washi tape and patterned paper and get crafty with your planners! I’d love to see your finished product!


This weeks layout. Getting Christmassy!

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