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This is officially my first blog post which is very exciting for me so I wanted to share something creative. I love paper crafting, especially if photographs are involved because I also love recording and keeping my memories. It’s important for me to have pretty little reminders of the best times in my eyes view as it has become a sure fire way to keep me happy and keep my energy vibrating high! Even more so if it’s something pretty I have constructed myself – all the more satisfaction and appreciation! I’ve had one of my favourite, frameless photographs from my holiday to Morocco tucked into my planner for far too long with the promising intention of decorating it and framing it to add to my ‘memory wall collage’. I made it my mission earlier in the week to pick up a picture frame from TK MAXX  (I LOVE this quirky place, and everything tends to be a bargain). I found two that I liked in the sizes I wanted. Fab. Sold. Today was the day my intention came to life and so I gathered all of my crafting supplies and picked out the colour scheme of black and gold that would frame the actual photo within the TK MAXX frame. Collected my ribbon, stamps and stickers then got to crafting. This project only took me around an hour to complete including the time it took to decide on picture and embellishment layout so I’ll now know in future not to delay any projects like this again! I am so pleased with the finished result and will be hanging this beauty up on my wall next to all my other favourite memories so that I can look at it every morning and be reminded of the fantastic view I witnessed from my balcony while on holiday in Morocco in September.

Finished frame. Isnt it beautiful?!

Finished frame. Isn’t it beautiful?!

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