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When you are ready to improve your life in whatever area it is you’d like to change, be it your career, your relationships, health or lifestyle, allow me to assist you in achieving your desires by using my knowledge and experience in working with the Laws of the universe, Kabbalah, Feng shui and developing my own spirituality. Becoming a better version of yourself or creating a better life doesn’t need to be a long hard road, let me come with you, and we’ll take this journey together!


1 hour one to one meet up coaching session £60

1 hour one to one Skype call £50

A course of 6 sessions (meet) £330

A course of 6 sessions (skype) £270

One to ones are ideal if you have a particular goal you’d like to focus on/develop but are in need of some tools and knowledge for advancement.

1 hour group session (3 or more people) £15 per person

2 hour group meetings (3 or more people) £20 per person

This is an ideal solution for groups who share a common goal. The experience is shared and boosted by the support of your team.

Regular meet up events will be commencing soon. Watch this space for updates on location, dates, costs and itinerary.

For a kick start in the right direction of any plans you have for the future, I have published a self development book to aid the reader in their journey with the hope that the suggested exercises will help to transform an auto pilot life into an intentional life. Go forth and grab yourself a copy from the shop by clicking here.


For more information on my life coaching sessions or to book, simply email Charlene at