Here in Charlie girls world, I put all my skills, knowledge, interests and strength into providing a variety of services so that I am continually doing all that I enjoy, therefore always providing my best works to all. There is no better way to keep your vibration high than to be doing all the things you love. Follow your bliss, always!

Services available include:

  • Self development life coaching – where I am a mentor, a chaperone and direct you or your group towards your desired outcome. Perhaps you need clarity in what you desire or maybe you know exactly what you want but are having trouble achieving it or acquiring the right steps? Either way, a coach might be just what you need in order to see things from outside the box and assist you accordingly. Coaching sessions can help aid towards reaching particular goals (long or short) or resolving issues in such areas as relationships, business or lifestyle development, gaining clarity, finding your purpose,  health, money, family and career.

  • Craft commissions – Charlene takes on requests for personalised, handmade, one of a kind cards or snail mail flip books and even scrapbooks via her Etsy shop. a stylish way to say ‘thank you’ or write to your pen-pal and a scrapbook becomes the perfect keepsake or memoir of a special time in your life. For more information or to see her works, please visit her Etsy shop by clicking here.

  • Mobile beauty treatments – Charlene carries out treatments such as waxing, nails, pamper parties and so much more all in the comfort of your own home. For more information on these services please follow the link by clicking here.