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Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only wallsJoseph Campbell 1907 – 1997

When they say ‘follow your bliss’, what this means is to do the things that you enjoy doing. The things that make you feel good, the things that make you feel joy. It’s doing the things we truly want to do. I’m aware that we all have jobs to do, whether that be the duties of a full time mother, keeping the house clean or your current 9-5 job, the work that earns you a living, so making time for our hobby isn’t always a priority but if you were to realise how important it is in creating the life you desire, perhaps you’d find more time? Ask yourself this question: Do you like your job? do you enjoy your life? Are you doing what you want to be doing? If you answered no to either of these questions then you need to make a change because life is too short to be feeling low, following someone else’s dream or to be grinding away in a job you hate only to manage paying the bills at the end of the month. There is a solution to this problem, you can begin to make a change to your life right now. All you have to do NOW, is start spending more of your time doing the things that you enjoy and things that make you feel good. Stop agreeing to do favours for your friends or family after work, say no more often and get busy with improving your own life. sometimes for the greater good we have to be a little more selfish.

Last year when I first started blogging, I realised then just how much I loved to write so my blog became a weekly activity, something I did in my free time before or after work because I really enjoyed it. I have always really liked my day job but with writing being a new hobby I looked forward to finishing work and cracking on with my next article. It became a priority and I’m glad it did, because only one month after I started blogging I wrote and finished my first self development book which I published around 6 weeks ago. Since publishing it I have sold copies through advertising on my Facebook account. I was then given the opportunity to do a book seminar where I sold several more copies and since then have sold many more just through word of mouth! I have sold 50 copies out of the 60 copies I had published and barely tried. During no point in this process did I ever feel stressed or like I was working too hard. Yes I was nervous when I was asked to stand up in front of a crowd and talk about my book but what a buzz I had by the end of it! In fact, less than 5 minutes into the seminar the nerves disappeared and I was on a role, speaking comfortably on a subject I was very passionate about. I may not be claiming a best seller title but things have moved very quickly for me and I know this is because I take pleasure in what I’m doing and selling. The universe has heard my frequency and because I’ve felt good, it has continued to open doors for me in the direction of what I enjoy doing. I am now taking bookings for one to one and group coaching sessions in my spare time and have plans to combine this with my day job. I did not achieve this by getting lucky, I did this by making the right choices and making my hobbies more of a priority than my social life or anything else. Truthfully, by being a little more selfish than I would have usually been and putting my own desires first.

Trying new things regularly is a great way of discovering new hobbies and interests and potentially revealing secret strengths you may not realise you have. For now though, I suggest making three lists. One for listing all the things you’re good at (your strengths), the second for listing all the things you love to do (hobbies and interests) and the third list for jotting down all the things that make you feel GOOD. Here I have given an example of the difference between each list:

List one – What I’m good at:

  • singing
  • waxing & nails
  • providing advice particularly on the subject of love and relationships

List two – things I love to do:

  • paper crafts
  • help people improve their circumstances
  • write

List three – what makes me feel good:

  • cake
  • listening to uplifting music
  • taking a walk in nature

My lists are only examples. You should really be listing more than 3 items per list. The more options you have the better, as some hobbies and interest will cost more money and time compared to others and there may be situations where you may only have a spare 10 minutes in your day for an activity.

By doing more of what we enjoy on a regular basis we are raising our vibration and feeling more consistently good. When we feel good most of the time, more opportunities will present themselves. This is law! It’s as real as the law of gravity. If you don’t believe that now, put it to the test. You have nothing to lose and yet so much to gain. When you are having a tough day, choose to make yourself feel better by doing something from your third list (what makes you feel GOOD) and see how this turns your day around. After 3/4 weeks of consistency you will start to see a change.  Do whatever it takes to start feeling good now and doing the things you love. It’s crucial to a blissful life. I talk about this in my book and provide other techniques to help towards attracting the life you so truly desire. You can have a closer inspection or purchase a copy over in my shop by clicking here.


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