So you think you’re a grateful person?



If there’s something you truly want in life but you’re finding each road you take leads you in the wrong direction, then you are missing something very important from your life. You are missing the very first step. Are you a grateful person? Every person I ask this question to thinks they are a grateful person. But saying you are grateful is different from being grateful. Gratitude is the feeling of thanks. It means to be thankful for something. We often express thanks in words which are also definitely powerful but if you feel thanks, it has more power than you’re currently realising. Paying attention to the emotion of gratitude is that first step in the right direction.

Part of my everyday routine is to write down ten things I am grateful for and why. The reason for this being such an essential part of my life is because it actually maintains my positive outlook and it keeps me in a good mood. I’d much rather be in a good mood than a bad mood wouldn’t you? Not only does it make me realise I have hundreds of blessings and reasons to be happy, but it also puts me in a position where I am open to receive more blessings. The law of attraction states that our life is a reflection of our most dominant thoughts and feelings so if you’re stressed all the time or rushing around like a headless chicken or you feel like the whole worlds out to get you then you’re going to attract more reasons, situations and people into your life that are going to give you more reasons to continue being stressed or rushed, etc. If you are on a mission or have a particular goal in mind, a project, something you want to do, see or be, I promise you this, start being grateful today and you will notice within 30 days new opportunities appearing to you that will take you closer to your desires. Steps will unfold before you. When you maintain a consistence level of gratitude, God or the universe must send back to you more reasons to be grateful and happy. It is law, just like the law of gravity, this is the law of life! We were born with free will and brains! Use your free will to get clarity on what it is you truly desire (there are no limits, you are free) and then to be grateful all you have to do is see by using all those senses you were born with, the positives you already have in your life. Focus on these things and FEEL thankful for them. Really get in touch with the feeling of gratitude. Its all about the feeling!

Here is the task I do daily and the honest truth about how it started out for me and my advice:

  1. Buy yourself a notebook and use it as a gratitude journal.
  2. At some point in your day, make time either in the morning or evening to write out 10 things you are thankful for right now and why you are thankful for them. Your life is a priority so make time for it. No one else is going to live your life for you.
  3. Before avoiding this daily task, ask yourself just how much you want that job or car or family or lifestyle. If you want it bad enough then you’re going to want to add this into your routine. It needs to be consistent. After you get the car or job, etc, you’re going to want something else again. This is a forever task if you want to have a blessed life and achieve all your dreams!

Now I’m not going to lie to you, when I first began journaling my gratitude I found it quite difficult. I always considered myself a grateful person but when it came to having to write it down I suddenly got a bit stuck. I really had to think about what I had in my life that served me. What were my blessings?? So I started out with things like “I am grateful for my balancing skills”, “for my car…” and after about a week, I could hardly put my pen down at ten things, I wanted to keep writing everything I was thankful for! I was so thankful for so many things! Now I right gratitude like this; “I am so thankful & grateful for the internet which allows me to share my knowledge with the world”, “I am eternally grateful for the continued custom of my clients which has created my successful beauty business and given me a flexible lifestyle. Thank you”. Can you see the difference? In the beginning there was no real feeling of gratitude because I was still trying to notice my blessings, I was still ungrateful because I couldn’t see. But now I can truly feel thankful and writing out my gratitude flows with ease. So don’t give up because you don’t enjoy it in the beginning or because it’s hard because when you persist with this you come out on top and overall a much happier and more successful person. That which you focus on grows! If I forget to be grateful and become distracted from my gratitude I notice my road rage comes back. Road rage is my weakness when I step out of my usual routine. I find myself getting angry at slow drivers, obstacles of some kind always seem to show up. My road rage was the first thing to subside when I began focusing on gratitude. Because I was getting into my car, high on feeling thankful,  the universe made sure that I was going to have a pleasant journey to work and so I got green lights all the way, the bus pulled out behind me instead of in front of me, traffic was flowing. Driving became easy and less aggravating. I had no reason for rage anymore and I noticed that being grateful was really working. The year I started being grateful was the year I moved into my own flat, got fit again, my business excelled. Don’t delay and start writing out what you are thankful for today! You have nothing to lose but so much to gain!

Generally the best time to do your gratitude is first thing in the morning as it sets up your day on a positive note. However, I like to do my gratitude in the evenings because I have other tasks I do in the morning to keep me chirpy and because I have faith that something amazing is going to happen everyday, I find the universe always delivers to me even more blessings to be grateful for. From here I can also jot down any opportunities that arose throughout the day such as maybe I was in a queue of traffic and the driver next to me was reading the advert on my car, the opportunity here would have been to hand her one of my leaflets and potentially gain a new client. Being grateful everyday has made me more aware of possible opportunities. I can now take a positive from every negative and that’s the state of mind you want to have if you are trying to achieve something. Remember we have free choice to do what we like so it’s up to you to take an opportunity when it shows itself or you can ignore it. It’s your life remember, but live it well!

I hope this post has been helpful but I’d like to hear from you if you have any questions or if you’d like more help or knowledge on acquiring your desired outcome in life. Shoot me an email where we can talk. Have a happy Monday!


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