The power of self talk



We all have dreams, ambitions and desires that are waiting to be received but if you are wondering why they are not manifesting, perhaps deep down you have limiting self beliefs such as a feeling of unworthiness of your desires. For example, a common goal is to want more money but many people have grown up believing that they have to work hard for money, maybe you watched your parents struggling or getting into debt? This is what your subconscious has learned, this is what you have been conditioned to believe and this has become your truth when really the truth is, you are your own person and you are limitless. By this I mean you were born with the ability and opportunity to have, do and be all that you want. The richest people in the world are no more privileged than you, they only think differently and don’t have the same limiting beliefs about money which is why they are rich. They may however have limiting beliefs about love. Maybe they grew up in a broken household or with only one parent? You are the creator of your own life and the only thing stopping you from achieving what it is you want is your limiting self beliefs. So how do we re-wire our brains from limiting thoughts to abundant thoughts? We have to re-train our subconscious mind into believing and realising that we are capable of anything. All that we have already come to learn or believe has been through repetition. Repetition becomes habit. At a glance, we may not realise what our limiting self beliefs are so the first step is to discover them. you can find out through several methods which I have listed below:

  • Through a deep meditation. Get deeply relaxed, clear your mind, be present in your body by paying attention to what it feels like then ask yourself during this meditation what’s holding you back from receiving (fill in the blank), then wait and listen to what comes up. always trust the answers that come from within you, the subconscious knows more than your conscious realises.
  • By using a pendulum. This is a tool I work with most of the time and through experience I have learned to trust it’s accuracy. I find it one of the quickest methods.
  • Hypnosis. Visit a recommended hypnotherapist and they will dig deep for you. Obviously this method will cost you but any investment in yourself is a good one. A hypnotherapist or a generative coach will not only help you realise your sabotaging self beliefs but also help you to remove them.
  • Using your body as a pendulum. When I first started this method I wasn’t fully trusting I’d be honest with myself but now that I am more relaxed and aware of the technique I can easily tune into it.  Click this link where a good friend of mine and transformation coach Scott Weddell explains and demonstrates the body sway/body pendulum method. You may have to subscribe to his channel in order to view this video which I highly recommend anyway because he gets deep on this subject!

For either of these methods I recommend doing them in a quiet location where you’re not likely to be interrupted.

Second step. Once we have become aware of our limiting beliefs, it’s time to start changing them for more positive and rewarding beliefs. Beliefs that will unlock access to the life you are dreaming about. To do this we must talk to ourselves everyday as often as we can with positive statements and affirmations in the present tense. So for example, lets say my limiting belief is that I don’t feel good enough. Stand and look at yourself in the mirror at every opportunity and tell yourself this: “I am successful in all that I do, I am beautiful on the inside and on the outside and I am worthy of an abundant life”. You may not believe this now but your subconscious is taking it all in and with repetition it’s becoming a new self belief, only this belief is going to open up doors for you. You may feel a little silly talking to yourself in the beginning and you probably wont believe what you are saying immediately but continue with it anyway for at least 30 days and the universe has to provide you with reasons to believe it. When faith arrives there is nothing you cant change. They say it takes only 63 days to completely free your mind from negative blocks, this is not a long time in comparison the entire rest of your potentially abundant life, so if there’s something you are not happy with,  begin changing them now with repetitive positive affirmations. One of my favourite quotes by Constance Arnold:

“You are drawing into your world that which you are conscious of being”

If you are conscious of being poor all the time then you are only allowing the universe to reflect back to you more awareness of your lack of money which will keep you poor! So become conscious of your power, potential and abilities and of all your positives and the universe will return more power, potential and positivity to you. Change starts from the inside out. To see change happen in our outer world you need to change your inside world.

I like to write all my affirmations down too and I’ll even make up a little tune while in the shower and sing to myself my positive affirmations. Spoken word and written word are both very powerful ways to shape the life you want. I’ll talk to myself in the car while driving, repeating my affirmations over, allowing my subconscious to absorb them. I smile at myself in the mirror, morning and night and tell myself I am worthy of true love, I am a money magnet and I have an abundant life.  I have had some of my friends record themselves declaring their affirmations so that they can play it back to themselves regularly. Do what works for you. This is a list of my current self talk:


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