Universal Laws – Empowering knowledge part 2

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In my last article I spoke about The law of correspondence, the law of polarity and the law of vibration. All of which, when applied correctly, can help you live the life you want. From my own experience I have found the hard part to be applying the knowledge practically to my life. It’s all good having the information but if you’re not applying it to your everyday life then what good is it? Nothing will change. So I want to provide my readers with simple tasks, that if practised daily will get that ball of change rolling. Apply and repeat – it’s all about repetition and consistency. For example, when you are learning to drive a car, there are so many things to think about in the beginning: The clutch pedal and changing gear, biting point, acceleration, signalling, breaking, manoeuvres, clutch control and so on. Throughout however many lessons you have, your brain is taking on new information each time and storing it so that eventually, with practise and repetition of the same movements and instructions, we find that we can drive on auto pilot. It becomes a simple skill, applied with ease. We have to study these laws the same way we learned how to drive so that we can also create the life we want to experience with great ease. If you haven’t already read my previous article, you can do so by clicking here now.  Today I’m going to explain another 3 laws to you: The Law of Rhythm, The Law of  Cause and Effect and The Law of Action.

The Law of Rhythm: We now know about the law of vibration, therefore we know that everything vibrates. Everything in our universe moves and vibrates to a certain, orderly rhythm establishing the seasons, cycles of day and night and stages of development which we can see in nature, however, the law of rhythm is not only bound to nature, we can see it in our everyday lives with our health, business and relationships, etc. In relationships we have what’s called ‘the honeymoon period’ and we all know this doesn’t last forever but quite often it can come back around like a cycle, like a pattern, normally after a stormy period. What goes up must come down. Everything in the universe is either growing or dying. The law of rhythm states that all energy in  the universe is like a pendulum. If the pendulum swings to the right it must then swing to the left. The key to mastering this law is balance. It’s in the measure of the swing of your pendulum; The higher you are, the further you fall. Keep your pendulum fairly balanced in terms of your emotions and in your actions, for example; when you’re on a winning streak at the casino, pay close attention to the escalating drop in the consistency of your wins, this is your signal to save yourself from losing all that you have won.

The Law of Cause and effect: ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. This law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Nothing happens by chance. The law of cause and effect is also know as karma. This is one of my favourite laws and I feel is the easiest to apply to my life. Because I understand it, it keeps me in check to always be a kinder, more productive, more considerate person. I am aware that what I give out mentally, emotionally or physically will return to me in equal proportions. Every thought, every deed, every word is a cause which is received by the universe and in return creates a desired or undesired effect depending on the vibration of the cause. In order to master this law to benefit your life you must use your freewill of choice to speak positively of yourself and others and perform good deeds that will support yourself and others. So here I will say it again; If you want love, peace, friendship or happiness, whatever it is, you need to be happy now. Be that happy energy now, feel what love feels like now. Your thoughts are seeds. Think happy, loving thoughts and dwell in the feeling of already having it. Share this feeling with your piers, deliver loving actions and the law of karma will return to you exactly that which you have shared. Perhaps this will make more sense to u now: ‘Treat others how you wish to be treated yourself’.

Law of karma

The law of Action: In order to create the life you want or to manifest your desires, you must take the correct steps in which support your dreams, your words, thoughts and feelings. The action you take towards your desired outcome must be in harmony with the dream, with your vision and with the emotional vibration of the goal. This law is related to the law of cause and effect with the ‘action‘ being the ‘cause‘. Every action has a corresponding effect. Take the right action and you get the right effect. Once you take your first step towards your objective, only then will the universe know what it is you want to achieve. Maybe your goal is to start a YouTube channel. Your first step in the right direction might be to record your first video and edit your content. Make a start! If you struggle with goal setting, have a look at one of my previous blogs here to help get you on the right track. Quite often fear is what prohibits us from taking action and also laziness can get in the way but I urge you to take control, make a commitment to yourself and face your fears. You can do whatever it is you want to do with the right course of action and with applying the laws of the universe to your life today.  Don’t delay, the universe likes speed!

Wishing you all the best of luck, light and love on your journey. If you are interested in  receiving some assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to help you achieve your objectives! Peace out!

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