Universal laws – Empowering knowledge part 3

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This will be the final article on laws of the Universe, then I promise to talk about something a little more fun! However, this stuff is important to understand and apply in order to live an abundant life. In the previous blog I explained the law of rhythm, the law of cause and effect and the law of action. Today I will be explaining the law of mentalism (AKA the law of oneness) and finally the law of attraction and the best way to apply them to your life.

The Law of Mentalism: I probably should have explained this law in my first of these articles but honestly I feared it would scare you out of reading the rest. It’s not a law to be feared but easier to understand and absorb with a ready and open mind. Many of the people in my life perceive me to be ‘talking rubbish’ when we discuss this, the truth being because they are not ready to know, learn or even consider it and they wont ever listen or hear until they are ready to. The law of mentalism states that everything in existence derives from one and the same source. Simply meaning that everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone. Everything has come from the same seed therefore everything and all are made of the same stuff meaning we are also source. That is a powerful thing to be! We as humans are not separate from animals, from plants or from seemingly non-living things. We are all one. This law tells us that there is a single universal consciousness (Universal mind) from which all things manifest. Your mind is part of that universal mind and this is why your reality is a manifestation of your thoughts. Again, when you learn to control your thoughts, you then have more control over what you want your reality to become. Be kind to all that surrounds you because remember it is all a part of you and equally part of the universal, manifesting mind! Remember the law of karma?! Do good and think good and you will create good. Behaving this way will influence others  around you to perform more positive actions and expressions in your presence.

The Law of Attraction: I often refer to this law as a summing up of all the laws because it’s easier to understand and often to talk about in this way. It is a basic law which runs through all the other laws discussed previously. This law states that like attracts like. This can be applied to our thoughts again. Positive thoughts will attract positive situations and outcomes whereas negative thoughts will attract negative circumstances and events. In order to think more positively, there are certain habits you must obtain and do on a daily basis that through repetition you will begin to notice changes in your day to day life. They start small but as you learn to apply new techniques and habits, more and bigger changes will show up. To begin with I strongly advise keeping a gratitude journal. This is where it all started to change for me. Click here for a step by step guide on how to do this. I began with writing ten things I was grateful for each day and why. The trick is to really FEEL thankful for the things you are writing about but quite often it takes some time to build this feeling up. When I struggle to connect a feeling with what I am stating, I do a meditation for gratitude and this always works for me. I go inside my own mind and body and use my imagination to help conjure up the right emotions.

There are other laws which work in conjunction to the law of attraction, these are called the forgotten laws that I will put into another article very soon but for now I believe that if you have kept up with my last few posts, it’s a good idea to study these laws further. They have changed my life in so many ways and continue to do so as I continue to learn more about it.

Wishing you love, light and abundance in all the days to come. I’d love to hear how you are experiencing life at the moment with or without these laws as I’d love to help you achieve more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Peace out x

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